The Evolution meeting will implement interactive workshops for youth and women that allow them reflect on the Abuse.


Opportunities for reflection on participant values about life and power dynamics that exist based on Gender.

  • Information about substance abuse, HIV prevention, healthy relationships,
    sexual right, sexual violence and violence against women.
  • Community strategies for preventing substance abuse.
  • The Evolution meeting will conduct workshops, community, school dialogues
    and street outreach on the listed above in each area.
  • Inaddition, new approaches for specific settings where substance abusers
    socialise such as sheebens and standing on the street will be developed and implement.


The Evolution meeting in order to render good services transport is needed.

  • For a successful awareness transport is needed to carry equipment and staff to one place to another.
  • Some cases client need to be picked and be dropped home.
  • Aftercare services include transportation


This gram consists of three major important sections that teach the substance abusers.

  • General self-management skill:
  • Social skill: Develop social skill is about being aware of how we communicate with others. The message we send and how methods of communication can be improved to make the way we communicate more effective.
  • Information and skill specifically related to drug used.


We provide early intervention service in schools, clinics, primary care offices and to the community.

The good of early intervention is to reduce the harms associated with
substance misuse, to reduce risk behaviors before they lead to injury.
Earl intervention consists of providing information about substance use risk,
normal or safe levels of use and strategies to quit or cut down use and use-related behaviors and facilitating client initiation and engagement in


The organisation refer client to other organisation that provide different services that will benefit the client.

  • Referrals to a skill development services that our organisation not render.
  • Refer client to treatment centres.