The Evolution meeting 'EM' is an Organisation located in Gauteng Province .The organisation was established in 2014 by its Founder /Chief executive Graham-Jacques Mukenge Kanyinda, who has five years non-profit development and consulting experience.


The Evolution meeting in order to render good services transport is needed.


This gram consists of three major important sections that teach the substance


We provide early intervention service in schools, clinics, primary care offices
and to the community.

South African citizens are drowning in substance abuse. While our community members don’t even know what to do, because of lack of knowledge based on substance abuse and medical assistance availability. The evolution meeting is working very hard to preach the message (our generation to be free from the substance abuse). We strongly believe that as The Evolution meeting working
together with the government services providers (Correctional services, Social development, Art and culture and many more), collaborate with other organisations and independent business sectors.

Our client will receive good service to greatly increase the likelihood to remain clean or sober and also learn the best way to cope in the world without substance abuse, teach our client self-empowerment and skills to strive without falling back into their addiction.


The mandate and purpose of this business plan is to:

(1) Set a course for the organisations management to successfully manage, operate and administer the business.

(2) Inform financing sources of the capital requirement being requested by the organisation, in addition to its history , its projected future and how the requested funding would give the organisation the ability to add value to the local economy, help people in need and put people back to work.

(3)The Evolution meetings purpose is to provide our communities (clinic, schools, churches and many more) with knowledge and motivation to reduce their vulnerabilities to substance abuse and to access substance abuse related services.

(4)The Evolution meeting purpose is to be a vehicle between communities and the Government.

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